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Moon moon kpop

Originally a five-member boy band consisting of Chun Myung-hoonLee Sung-jin, Noh Yoo-min, Moon Sung-hoon, and Kim Hwan-sung deceasedNRG debuted in and underwent sporadic periods of activity and hiatus between and before going on an extended hiatus.

In they regrouped as a trio to celebrate the 20th anniversary of their debut and released an extended play. Lee Sung-jin and Chun Myung-hoon originally debuted in as duet under the name HamoHamo and released one album with moderate success from the singles, "Papillion" and "Pangpang". They were discovered by music producer Kim Tae-hyung ko. TKim Tae-hyung decided that they should become a four-member dance group.

Kim Hwan-sung, who had previously been part of a quartet called Kkaebi Kkaebi and then a project group with Shoo of S. Two weeks after their debut, the group held an MC spot for ten weeks on the show.

According to H. T members Moon Hee-joon and Tony Anthey had initially considered NRG their professional rival rather than Sechs Kies as NRG introduced acrobatic stunts into their choreography, which was considered groundbreaking at that time. NRG's second album Race was released that same year, and featured more high energy dance songs like "Messenger", selling overcopies in South Korea. InLee left the group to pursue a career in acting and hosting, while Chun took a less visible role in the group by choreographing their dance routines and writing and composing rather than performing.

Tragedy struck when Kim died suddenly of a virus infection on June 15, He had been admitted to the hospital on June 6 but his condition quickly deteriorated to the point where he was placed on life support. The lead single "Hit Song" earned the group their first ever 1 win on a music program.

During the ceremony, the members dedicated their win to Kim.

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The title track placed 4th in the pop charts as the World Cup neared, and was fitting for the occasion. Soon afterward, Moon announced his departure for unspecified reasons and remained out of the public eye for over a decade; he appeared on the SBS show Star Couple ko with his wife in and revealed that they had a son, although they have since divorced.

Inthe now three-member NRG released their seventh album One of Five but it was not as successful. They decided to go on hiatus as two members would be beginning their mandatory military service.

Having regrouped as a trio inthey released their single "Eternity". However, Lee withdrew from the group permanently as he was being investigated over a gambling scandal.

Lee left the entertainment industry and stayed out of the public eye for personal reasons. Chun released a digital single and stayed active in the entertainment industry.Time often comes to a standstill after a long weary day at school or work, and nothing is better than blocking out the world and drowning yourself in an ocean of mellow tunes to seek solace.

I like to envision a quiet bus ride home after school as a time for recuperating and reflecting — this time with my latest K-indie favorite, Moonmoonwhose songs bring nothing but comfort. As the Hallyu Wave remains to take over the world, many novel or underground K-indie artists are benefitting as well from being picked up by idols themselves, who then introduce them in their song recommendations for fans.

This was exactly the case for Moonmoon. The introduction also does a hauntingly exceptional job in drawing the listeners into the slow-paced, melodious masterpiece. Everyday is the colour grey It spins how the top does The boring bugs that are called adults Eat up my dreams little by little.

The unified choir at the last chorus further adds to the mystique of the acoustics, packing a punch for the entire track. Moonmoon brings to mind home away from home, a familiar yet original sound. His music delivers unpretentiously with such modesty and rawness that should be wholeheartedly appreciated. It is a constant struggle to break into the scene and bring something new to the table among the multitude of music styles that already exist out there. Though still pretty low-key with an understated discography, Moonmoon is an emerging indie artist whose songs encapsulate an alluring solace.

It is through the subtleties in his tracks that mark his true musicality and humble growth.

Moon Jong-up

Eager to hear more from him, I highly recommend his music to those who enjoy mellow acoustics and also those who simply need a pat on the back whenever life gets too taxing. Editors' Picks. The Future of Big Hit Entertainment. Popular Tags:. See All. Mystic Pop-up Bar Ep.

The King: Eternal Monarch, Ep. Skip The Show. Should BlackLivesMatter in K-pop? Turning Back Towards Trot. Home Featured. Related Posts.

moon moon kpop

K-pop Indie Gem: So! Indie Gem: Car, the Garden.He initially rose to fame as the leader of former boy band H. Being the second member to join H. The group debuted with their first album, We Hate All Kinds of Violence in Septemberwhich was accused of being plagiarized and lawsuits were placed against them. Despite their controversial debut, the group eventually rose to fame with their first hit, Candy and We Are the Futurewhich the latter won them a MTV award for Best International Video.

During his time as part of the group, Moon composed and wrote music for the group and with fellow member, Jang Woo-hyuk, he often choreographed the group's dance routine. After the disbandment of the group, Moon stayed on in S. Entertainment with Kangtawho was also part of H. Moon attempted to establish a rock music career with his first album, Alonebut received criticism from the public. Entertainment and created his own company, PS Entertainment. After Moon released his fourth album, Triple Xhe enlisted in the army in InMoon released his fifth album, Special Albumwhich included songs from H.

Moon released his first mini album, Last Cryin In the same year, Moon appeared in sitcom Taehee, Hyegyo, Jihyun and took a break from the music scene. Despite being absent from the music scene, Moon took up hosting in several variety programs such as, Immortal Songs: Singing the LegendMnet's 'Wide Celebrity News' and other programs.

It was released on January 18, Moon, his H. He had conceived the idea following the success of Reply and invited the four other entertainers, all of whom were born in the same yearto star in a reality version of the show. The group, except Eun, most recently met at Moon's bachelor party which was shown on Mom's Diary - My Ugly Ducklingthe reality show that Tony An was participating in. On November 25,Moon announced that he would be marrying fellow entertainer, Soyul of Crayon Pop.

The wedding was held on February 12, in Seoul. The pair then welcomed their first child, a daughter, on May From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. South Korean singer-songwriter. This is a Korean name ; the family name is Moon.Choof is the cutest and most precious.

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moon moon kpop

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Email required Address never made public. Name required.He debuted as an idol in the six-member group B. P under TS Entertainmentwhere he served as a sub-vocalist from to its dissolution in Following his departure from TS Entertainment, he released his debut single album Headache in May Moon was born on February 6,in SiheungGyeonggi Province.

He is the youngest of three sons. Moon met a talent agent during a competition, who would later call him for an audition. He danced to an Usher song and received his notice of acceptance on his way home. He became a trainee under TS Entertainment in August during his first year in high school. Moon was revealed as a member of idol sextet B.

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P on January 17,where he served as a sub-vocalist and main dancer. P filed a lawsuit against its agency. The members sought to nullify its contract with the company citing "unfair conditions and profit distribution". P resumed its activities under TS Entertainment. Moon performed his first solo song entitled "Try My Luck" during B. P's World Tour 'Party Baby!

P's disbandment, Moon took a six-month break from music.

MOON 'MILLION (Feat. Dok2)' MV

Moon cites American musician Chris Brown as his role model, who influenced him to become a singer. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This is a Korean name ; the family name is Moon.

SiheungGyeonggi ProvinceSouth Korea.

NRG (South Korean band)

TS The Groove. See also: B. P discography. Herald Economy in Korean. Herald Corporation. Retrieved May 21, The Star in Korean. Chosun Ilbo Company. TV Daily in Korean.Kyuhyunluv88 here!

Through this project where we listen and rate songs to bring our top ten picks to you, the Amino community, I have gained exposure to many new artists and groups, both old and new.

moon moon kpop

I could not be more appreciative and would love to thank Todoke for reaching out to me that day and for not only asking me to be apart of the Chingu Crew project, but for introducing me to Lisa and Cait, all for whom I wish to have lifelong friendships with :. In saying that, I felt I wanted to try something a little new and different. It is with this as a jumping off point that the girls of the Chingu Crew thought it would be a good idea for me to start up a blog of my own.

As a personal hobby or interest, I love to write. But with the support of my girls, I decided to give it a shot with a segment called Songs that Stick with Me shoutout to Cait for this title suggestion! With this particular segment, I have a plan to write a short review at the end of each week with my top favorite song or songs that have stuck with me.

In this review, I plan to discuss why the song has stuck with me, give my personal opinions, and review the song to the best of my ability. Mind you, I am no music expert by any means. Only a personal one.

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I have listened to different artists and groups during the course of my time as a kpop fan, but through the Chingu Crew project, it has opened my eyes and exposed me to so much new and amazing music. And I am happy to introduce my next artist of this segment of Songs that Stick with Me However, he took part of Produce X show and won second place, launching him into the next phase of his music career with Korean boy group, X1 in March The group, unfortunately, disbanded in early after an investigation took place involving voting manipulation on the show.

Not only did he receive the lead acting spot in an upcoming web drama, Twenty Twenty, he also went on to pursue his solo artist career. What is this? The song from the very beginning is seductive, alluring, and captivating.

All very similar synonyms but ones that fit so well with this song. Kim Woo Seok demands your attention from that very first verse with his hypnotic voice that will manipulate you and make you crawl back for more as clearly was the intent. This song is dark, sexy, and in its own ways, very erotic. When the MV first starts, we are exposed to Kim Woo Seok sitting in a very opulent and grand floor embedded bed covered in sheets of lavish red and accentuated throw pillows.

We get very beautiful and alluring shots of our leading man before that first line is delivered. One particular shot of two men shaped into a makeshift chair for which Kim Woo Seok is sitting on grabbed my attention.

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He looked so regal sitting there in that glittering burgundy suit. Alongside this beautiful visual, we are met with other impactful and interesting visuals such as him holding a lit match in his mouth that fades into him walking into a room filled with what appears to be an art gallery with white spikes on the ground.

That and his hair blowing in the wind we get to see before going into the pre-chorus. So far the visuals alone are pulling you in as that sexy, dark tempo fills your ears. As we head into the pre-chorus, we are met with Kim Woo Seok standing center in a white, translucent tent with a beautiful chandelier and his back up dancers surrounding him.

I somehow had that feeling it was going to get me in the chorus as songs normally do but I was going to let this melody take me wherever it wanted me to go.

And then it hits! That seductive chorus melody. Oh boy! It honestly feels like he is staring directly into your soul as he draws you in with that narrow, seductive gaze of his. Oh my god. Or would want to?


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