Husqvarna lowering link

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Husqvarna lowering link

It attaches to the top of the mono-shock, increasing its angle and therefore decreasing the space between the wheel and chassis. Naturally, the front end would have to be lowered as well. The combo that I installed fit but the spring on the shock was right up against the pipe. Another thing to consider is that the link will not fit without some modification to the link itself.

A small, triangular section of where it attaches to the chassis must be removed…the holes will not line up otherwise. Anyone else try to lower? I just got mine, but it is way the seat height is too high. Would love to be able to lower it by inches. There is now an official lowering kit.

Not sure how bad installation is. Finally got it lowered to where I want. I did the rear mono myself but decided to send the bike to a local shop for the front springs after researching and reading up on its difficulty. Rear MonoShock: Wilbers I just went ahead and had one made out of titanium…ooooooh!!

husqvarna lowering link

Could you touch on the results on this? Does it affect the handling at all?

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Did you do this for better stand over height or other reasons? This topic has 18 replies, 9 voices, and was last updated 2 weeks, 3 days ago by Tigasco. Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 of 19 total. June 29, at pm Marcel Participant. July 2, at am JohnnyLightning Participant. October 16, at pm January 29, at pm TvillingEtt Participant. March 29, at pm April 19, at am June 6, at pm LeftCoast VP Participant.

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A couple picked up a pair of FEs we needed 1 just a bit lower,like 4 inches and thanks to richard at House of Horsepower it turned out great. Location: Atlanta. How did they do that? Does the bike have any travel?

husqvarna lowering link

I'm interested to know as I have a friend that 5' 5" and really struggles with regular size bikes JhunterOct 14, BILLF likes this. Get an AJP Dirtdame and john01 like this. LandofMotards2wheeler and x like this. Did the factory lowered huskys of the past have any following? I agree Bill, lots of people don't need 12 inches of travel but in the end most people don't know whats best for them and feel short changed with less.

MotosportzOct 15, When bikes were shorter they were also shorter in wheelbase The problem I see is your past the rising rate of the linkage Short Huskys of the past have a following?

Not really because they are exactly there TEi made 1 year I agree that manufacturers are missing a market but in the end really how big is that market? Not that big or they would be in it I like it. One of the main reasons I traded my orange for a beta Now I'm looking at the xtrainer.

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Just need to justify it to myself. DarksideOct 15, X Trainer is only. It's a challenge many times being 5' 4" so I feel the pain.There are few options for lowering but mainly:.

So I was thinking I will try the linkage method first and if needed I would come back to this if it did not work…. This is the cheaper and more simple method. You simply replace the link on your swing arm usually making a longer and drop the triple clamps in order to keep the existing bike geometry. There are few vendors available, but the most common one is Koubalink.

There are few more options available but they either require some serious modifications to the rocker arm or were in general not recommended. The install was relatively straight forward — removing the linkage bolt have to remove the pegs holders firstreplacing the link, greasing it and putting the peg holders back together. The manual that comes with the Koubalink is detailed for anyone to do this. Pay close attention when removing the swing arm bolt. Mine came out with the outside covers, which result all the needle bearing on the garage floor.

Placing them back, I felt like a neurosurgeon! Multiple tries and fails as the only thing holding the needles in the housing is the grease… At the end I had to grind the swing arm bolt, which was pushing them out — seems like it had a lip from the manufacturing at its end wishing for better quality parts from Husqvarna. This is where I needed help. I invited few friends over, got some beer and we got going — first we marked the existing location of the triple clamps with a blue masking tape — both for upper and lower triples.

Next we loosen all the screws and moved to the measured location — we could not go all the way to the desired space as the lower clamp would be sitting directly on the fork adjusters for rebound and preload. So we left a bit of space. Next we had to adjust the read sag — this is probably the most difficult part of the whole install. The koubalink manual tells you exactly what to measure and how, but you need one person holding the bike, you as a ride on the bike and the 3rd person doing the measurements.

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Not only that, but there is currently no tool that can be used on the plastic nut without removing the tank, so most of us, including myself use a square tap and GENTLY tap the nut so it turns. Another option per the service manual is to dis-assemble the bike to get to at from the top.

So you go on the bike, measure, get down make few turns, go up, measure, down adjust — rinse and repeat. But the result is worth it — much better confidence in gnarly terrain, no issues or embarrassing moments in the parking lot — you all know what I mean. The exact amounts are listed in the Kouba link install instructions — it depends which link you got.JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser.

You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Sign up for our newsletter to hear about any new motorcycle products. We also send out discount codes, sales and specials! Our turnbuckle style lowering links are infinitely adjustable between stock height and a 4 inch drop. No need to remove bolts and disassemble the rear suspension every time you raise or lower your bike!

Simply loosen the two nuts and rotate the center hex. The body is gold zinc plated steel or stainless steel.

Designed for race and street duty! Our fully adjustable suspension components are being used on everything from stock bikes to hp drag bikes and land speed racers!

Wondering if there's a better deal out there? Maybe something cheaper? NO WAY! Our products are the highest quality available at the best prices! This will recommend us to your friends around the world, via the World Wide Web.

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Thank you! Soupy's RM Raising Links View All Of Our Products. Front Page. Newsletter Sign up for our newsletter to hear about any new motorcycle products. Sign Up.By simply replacing a motorcycle's stock shock linkage with a longer, stronger and lighter DeVol Lowering Linkage, a bike's seat height will be dramatically lower to help give those riders with shorter inseams a more confident and enjoyable ride.

Got the girl a shaved seat and adjusted valving and got it to squat.

husqvarna lowering link

Being vertically challenged I needed to lower a newly purchased DR, the answer was the Dog Bones that gave me 1. Excellent quality, easy to install and perfect results. This is perfect for anyone who is a little too short for their bike. It lowered our '08 CRFF about 1 to 1. If that isn't enough for you, it pairs nicely with sliding the forks up in the triple clamp.

Did exactly what is says it does lowers it the perfect amount for me. Great price and only about 10 minutes to install.

This kit was money spent well! Now that i have lowered its so much more comfortable to ride and i have much more confidence on my bike. For some reason that bike sat so high I could only touch if I leaned the bike to one side! The link was super easy to install! Now I can touch both feet while sitting! I'm 52 yrs old, 5'7", weight is lbs.

I have always had trouble touching the ground when on my bike. I've cut down the seat foam and now added this awesome Devol lowering link. It did just what is says it will. You do, however, need to lower your forks in the triple trees the same amount of distance the rear gets lowered in order to keep the chassis balance properly.

That's simply loosening your pinch bolts, sliding the forks up around an 1" and retightening. My kit came with new needle bearings, seals, center spacer and retainers already installed. I did take it apart and grease it very heavily since I race woods and typically get in water and deep mud. Most people overlook this so please find out how to do it, it's simple also, ,and do it. Overall, this took about 10 mins to install and another 5mins to adjust the sag then BOOM I was riding.

It now allows me and my short legs to touch the ground and now hopely I won't struggle so much in a woods race when I need to put my feet down for balance.

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Excellent fit and finish and it did just what I needed it to do. The Devol lowering link worked out good it lowered my KLX where it will work for my 5"6" inseam I do not have to do any other mods to my bike.Kouba Link Lowering Link. I hate to struggle with a bike that's too tall, and since I'm not 13 years old or still holding out for a growth spurt, I decided it was time to have a bike that fit. My size made my Honda CRR a little too tall to manage comfortably.

I heard about the Kouba Link from another rider and decided to give it a try. It replaces the stock linkage and lowers the rear approximately 1 to 2 inches, depending on the year and model of your bike. Kouba Link has a great website with step-by-step instructions to guide you through the linkage replacement process. When swapping the linkage, you will also need to lower the fork tubes. Keep in mind that lowering these tubes changes your rake and lowering them too much can damage the fender.

I changed out the stock handlebar, which aided in the overall lowering, and then adjusted the sag. At this point, if you are still trying to shave some height off the bike, you can cut the seat to reach your goal height. You do have to be aware that the new link and change in the rake can affect the responsiveness in turns, so take it easy until you get a feel for the bike again.

The Kouba also changes the leverage ratio placed on the shock. I haven't had any problems with responsiveness with my setup, and I noticed that at high speeds my CR gained stability. I also found that the bike was less likely to dive into whoops when I get off rhythm. I have competed in several desert races with this setup, and for me, it has been perfect.

Menu Sign Up. Dirt Rider. George, UT. Latest Racing. Buyers Guide. Dirt Bikes. Electric Dirt Bikes. Photo Galleries.Exciting News!! We are now offering a lowering kit for the new generation Husqvarna bikes. This kit will fit all full size and models with 4cs front forks. This kit will lower the seat height 32mm by lowering the front and rear by the same amount, not affecting the bikes geometry. These changes are easily reversible and there or no permanent changes or modifications made to the bike.

For more information regarding this kit please visit our Ktm lowering kit page although these bikes are very different in their suspension the same principles still apply. Please note this product is available as a pre order to secure a kit.

Please Note : Postage cost is beyond our control, postage time as listed by Australia post is 5 — 10 working days and it normally takes us days from order to pack and post a kit. Import Duty: Some countries charge import duty. UK and Europe and others, we have no control over this and it is not included in the price of our products. Fitting the parts to the 4CS fork requires complete disassembly of the fork and bleeding on re-assembly.

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There are videos showing how to do this at the bottom of this page. Please do not order a kit for your 4CS bike unless you are mechanically capable of the parts installation.

KTM XPLOR -30mm ZETA Lowering KIT Install

Feel free to express your interest or ask any questions using the form below. Your Name required. Your Email required. Your Message. Search for:. Husqvarna Suspension Lowering Kit.


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