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Braces stories archive

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The archives will remain available here; for new stories, head over to Vox. In the fall ofStacey Mahnken decided to get braces.

She was 24, and had just broken up with her boyfriend.

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While there wasn't a singular moment that made her walk into the dentist's office, she recalls going to bars, newly single, and feeling too skittish to talk to anyone. So the following September, she went in for a consultation, something she'd been avoiding after developing a fear of dentists as a kid. By July, after finding an orthodontist she really liked, her mouth was filled with spacers and a dreaded palatal expander, a torture device-like contraption that forces the roof of your mouth to spread out wider.

A couple of months later, she got braces glued in place, and there they remained for two years. Stacey is a friend of mine from high school, and for the record, her smile has always been nice. But she says that the decision to get braces was a pretty easy one. Though she had to wrangle the finances and find the right orthodontist, the underlying motivation was simple: "I wanted to have a nice smile and not be ashamed of my teeth.

She's not the only one, but no, this isn't a trend piece. According to the American Association of Orthodontists' most recent patient census survey, the majority of orthodontia patients are still young, between the ages of 9 and Still, 1. Inthat number was 1. There's a statistic in that AAO survey that gets cited a lot — that between andthe number of adult patients seen by orthodontists went up 40 percent.

That's a lot, and at the same time a little misleading, because it doesn't account for the fact that the total number of patients seen by orthodontists also went up, as did the population. When you compare the percent of adults that have made up the total number of orthodontia patients over the past 25 years, it's relatively stable. In25 percent of the people who received orthodontic treatment from AAO members were adults.

Init was 21 percent. Inthere was a slight uptick to 27 percent. And when you compare these numbers to the rise in United States population, the numbers seem to track quite nicely with the rise in the number of people with teeth. In other words, the "trend" of adults getting braces might not be anything more than a product of there being more adults out there to get braces. The "trend" of adults getting braces might not be anything more than a product of there being more adults out there to get braces.

Despite this, there's certainly the perception of a trend. In fact, there has been for a long time. In25 years later, the Times ran a story under the headline "Orthodontists Market to Adults Seeking Prettier Smiles" which leaned on the AAO statistics and looked into a rise in advertisements aimed directly at adults.

Rogers, who claimed that when he began his practice in the s, adults only accounted for about five percent of his patients. He said that now, decades later, they made up a full quarter. But remember that, according to the AAO's own numbers, by adults were already 25 percent of orthodontia patients.Receiving Dr. Ringler The phone rang, and I ran to answer it.

Are you still interested in the receptionist position? As I mentioned, Dr. Killion, the oncologist that I work for now is retiring.

Unfortunately, your teeth are not in the condition that we want our clients to associate with us. Ringler put on image and visual perception. He had "clients", not "patients; "Team members", not "employees".

Everything in the office was bright, professional, and neat. But there must be a reason that he called. Starting treatment at age 32 will take a while longer than if you had done so as a teenager, but I'm sure you will be pleased with the eventual results. And straighter teeth. I had one office visit in one week, then another one before my first day on the job in two weeks. It had to be better than my current job - patients at a tumor doctor have a very high mortality rate. Many know they will die soon, and are looking to extend their limited few months, and slow the decline of their quality of life.

braces stories archive

Too many times the doctor would come up to me, name a patient, and shake his head "no". That was the sign that the patient had died - I would make sure the payment account was up to date, cancel future appointments, send the medical file to our archiving company, and send out a condolence card. Working for an orthodontist must a lot more pleasant, seeing many young, vibrant children. While slightly concerned about getting braces at my age, I looked forward to my first days on the new job.

At my first visit, I was the first appointment of the day, and was immediately welcomed in, and was shown to a tiny room with a padded stool, with some kind of a scary-looking machine in front of it.

Her name tag said she was Alyssa.Excellent story. Most compelling. Glasses--no big deal, what was the issue? Braces and headgear--yikes! The author recounts how he meekly accepted his lot in life: that of "the kid in the headgear. He suffers the taunts and physical discomfort in silence, even managing to incorporate his headgear into his sports activities, sitting on the bench with it on, and keeping it on for baseball practice.

He comes across as the "good soldier," never complaining, simply enduring, trustful that one day, things will improve. Very well done. Hey Rubber Boots! Yes, this sounds like account from when braces were less desired, and when headgear was more common. Back then, there was less concern for a young kid's embarrassment over having to wear a conspicuous dental appliance, and back then, braces were indeed metallic and garish.

Things have changed so much over the years. These old stories are quite interesting, from a psychological perspective. Mouthwear Stories: Glasses and Headgear. This story was retrieved from the old M's Mouthwear website from an internet archive. Glasses and Headgear What was it like to wear glasses and headgear?

Well I can't really react to wearing glasses. I've worn them since I was a toddler and I can't remember not having them. They're just a part of my everyday routine.

I don't remember any teasing or ever feeling different because of my glasses. In fact, about the time I got my braces and headgear, a classmate was told he needed glasses. He was distraught about having to get them and I distinctly remember thinking, "What's the big deal?

The braces and headgear were another story. I got my braces just before I started seventh grade.

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I remember being nervous about starting school with all that hardware in my mouth. I was part of the last group of braces wearers to get full bands. Tingrin really meant something then.

In my seventh grade class picture, I had my lips sealed carefully to avoid showing my metal mouth. I dreaded the first day of school but for the most part my friends were cool about the braces and didn't say much after the first few days.

I think that was partly because quite a few of them knew they would get braces too. I guess headgear is something you don't forget easily. I can still remember the appointment at which it was fitted. It was the Thursday after Thanksgiving. I always went to the Orthodontist on Thursday. I'm not sure why but every appointment was on Thursday. I went in the mornings for my banding and for major arch wire changes and after school for checkups and minor adjustments.

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Usually I went every two or three weeks. On this particular morning it was first thing in the morning, about a.Forum Online-Shop. Welcome, Guest. Please login or register. Braceface Platinum Member Posts: Gender:. I left several things in the story vague by choice. The main character in the story can be male or female. It reads different depending how the reader makes their choice. The colour of the ligatures is up to the reader.

I personally would go with lime green. I have many more thoughts about what to write about. I put the first story together in one day. It was fun to do something that hit on more than one unusual attraction.

I wanted the first one to be fairly tame and more of a feel-good story. LuckebA Newbie Posts: 2 Gender:. So in the vein of trying to find an older story, not thinking it was listed as one in the Archive. Years ago, I remember reading a "story" of a young man who had a thing for braces, never needing them himself. He was caught going through the local orthodontist's trash trying to build up his collection of things.

His mother in order to break him of the fetish working with the ortho forced him into an extreme treatment, to break this. Does anyone remember this or have this story? That story is not in the archive. I don't think I have it in my unchecked file. I will check to see if I have it somewhere, but I don't remember having one like that. If you had a name for the story, it would help me to find it. I think this is the story you are looking for! A different twist Or, Don't get caught in the Orthos' dumpster My son is currently undergoing his orthodontic treatment and bought this all back when he showed me the Mouthwear page.

I saw the links to this page and saw some similarities to my story. I lost my fascination with braces, and was even reluctant to have my son start, but my wife, and common sense, prevailed. I was 10 when I first went to the orthodontist, this is 35 years ago. He, in some ways, was ahead of his time and even though my dentition was still developing he decided to start treatment.

I am told this is quite common now, but back then most treatment was begun during the teenage years. My appliance consisted of four molar bands, one on each side, top and bottom. A thick, round wire was inserted on both top and bottom. Elastics ran from top to bottom, one on each side. It was not much compared to the full banded cases, but they were still pretty rare in our area, as were any braces at all.

I was not a good patient, I would not wear the elastics, and whatever he hoped to achieve was met with limited success. After about a year, he removed the wires and bands. Still, while I hated wearing the appliances, I somehow liked the control the orthodontist exercised over his patients. In the early sixties it was very different, braces were like some sort of sentence, a painful, embarrassing, drawn out sentence.

There were no orthodontic fan clubs at the time.Forum Online-Shop.

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Welcome, Guest. Please login or register. Bandsandwires Bronce Member Posts: I used to enjoy reading fictional braces stories but I havent seen any for a long time. Can anyone make any good story recommendations?

There's the story's pages here both in English and German if you can understand it. Yes, you certainly want to be reading the stories on the club pages on this site. You need to join, if you are not a member already. Maybe you could write one as well. Some of them go WAY back, like almost 20 years. Quote from: MikeB on JulyPM. JulyAM. It certainly was a fun night, and it's a great memory.

I'm glad I wrote about it at the time. Strange to think it was over 15 years ago! I still do quite a bit of writing about braces, though I don't generally publish it anywhere anymore.

Brace Yourself

Hey Mikeb you should put your stories on here I'm sure we would all love to read them. Maybe I'll do that one day, jonjon. Since I've finally gotten to a whopping 30 posts here, I should be able to gain access to the Stories section. Has anyone read any of the Catherine Aimes braces fiction books? I have read a couple of them and while the stories have great promise and potential, they don't quite deliver.

There are also some aspects of the more fetish based books that don't sit comfortably with me. I would be interested to hear from others that have read them. Cassandra Bronce Member Posts: 62 Gender:. I read "Love and Braces" recently. It kind of disappointed me in that the braces part could've been so much more interesting and so many other parts were so unrealistic.

I mean, I know it's fiction, so of course it isn't real; I guess the author just Quote from: Cassandra on AugustAM. I think the books are pretty good, though not great. She always has many typos, and the increase in frequency toward the end of the book, like she's in a hurry and just wants to be done. But I'm also pretty sure the more adult-oriented books sell better. In the adult books, she'll often throw in unrelated fetish stuff like restraints on the exam chair and occasionally adult diapers, though I'm glad she's gotten away from the latter in recent books.

Anyway, the books are okay, and there's really very little else like them out there. Braceface Platinum Member Posts: Gender:.

braces stories archive

I have found some decent stories on literotica.Forum Online-Shop. Welcome, Guest. Please login or register. Im brand new to the forum but decided I'd go ahead and post this story I wrote a while back. Im planning on adding more at some point. Sarah finished her othrodontic treatment the beginning of her senior year of high school and her orthodontist insisted on her wearing cemented hawley retainers for at least 2 years to ovoid a relapse.

Although Sarah protested her parents insisted and that was the end of the conversation for several months. One day, the week before Sarah left for college she had a long discussion with her mother about college and all of the potential opportunities it could have in store. For years sarah had wanted to join a sorority but with her unsightly retainers and slight lisp she feared that it wouldn't happen. She convinced her mother to tell the ortho to remove the retainers on the condition that she wear them full time except for important functions.

The next week sarah left for college with her retainers packed in her suitcase and she never thought of them again. Fast forward several months and sarah was out drinking with several of her friends when she tripped on a curb and chipped a tooth.

It wasn't until the next day when she examined her mouth she realized that all of her teeth had shifted badly since she had her braces removed. She frantically rummaged through her draw and found her retainer case where she had left in months before.

She nervously opened it and tried to fit them on her now crooked teeth. She knew that she was going to be in trouble but she had no idea what was to come. The next week was spring break but instead of going on a trip like most of her friends she went home to get her chipped tooth repaired. When she arrived at the dentist she was quickly taken back and put in an exam chair where they began to repair the tooth.

A little while later it was fixed. When the dentist told her it was done she quickly got up to leave but the dentist told her to wait there until she returned. Moments later the dentist returned with her mother and they were ushered into a private room. The dentist began to explain that she could clearly see that sarah had not worn her retainer and informed her that she needed to visit the orthodontist to evaluate the situation. The next morning sarah and her mom arrived at the ortho 15 minutes early.

As soon as sarah sat down she had an uneasy feeling about what was about to happen. As she looked around the room she saw only two other patients a boy and a girl. The girl smiled at her reviling mass of metal and other appliances.

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Just then another girl walked out from the back with tears in her eyes wearing a high pull headgear something that she had never seen her old ortho use. Shortly after being seated in the chair the orthodontist walked over briefly said hello and started reading her chart. Next he called a nurse over and he started his examination. As he poked and prodded around he dictated to the nurse what to write down for the notes. Sarah had no idea what any of this meant but she knew it couldn't be good.

Next impressions were made and sarah was allowed to get up and rinse her mouth out. When she returned from the bathroom the ortho was already talking to her mother.

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Sarah quickly sat down and started explain that she didn't care about having a perfect smile and liked it the way it was but neither the orthodontist nor her mother paid her any mind. When sarah and her mother left the office sarah asked her mother what they had discussed but her mom was in no mood to talk and simply told her that she had another appointment tomorrow.

braces stories archive

Sarah started crying and yelling at her mother that she refused to have anything permanent put in her mouth.Story Story Writer Forum Community. Plus Filters. Cancel Apply But will a big misunderstanding interfere with everything? And what will happen when Adam learns the truth? But then she receives more life-changing news. How will she cope? And how will her friends and family react?

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Sharon decides to revisit her one time crush on Tony Sporali who is 3 years older and was once unattainable because she was too young. Now that she's 18 she takes a chance to ignite flames with Tony. Please review and enjoy! I Miss You by DarkAngel reviews Sharon left the group after hearing that she was mistakenly invited to a cottage and disappeared. After two years, someone who looks exactly like Sharon appeared in front of Alden, Maria, and Brock… Who is she? We didn't start the Brace Face by arvinsharifzadeh reviews Parody from We didn't start the fire song, but with Brace Face version.

Sharon and Alden are dating once again. But after being hit on the head and losing all the memories of Alden and her; she doesn't remember who he is. Can Alden help Sharon remember who he is?

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Read to find out. She'll be Missed by HoneyGoddess57 reviews Sharon is running as fast as she could to get to her brother Josh's piano concert, she left Brock a minute ago. Now that was completed she has to go quickly to see her brother's concert before it was over. She is now desperate as tears are threatening to escape her eyes, someone was following her from behind and she felt threatened at this moment.

Oh, the Joys of Hell! But it may not be Nina who is trying to kill her. Obstacles by thang92 reviews Post 'Leap of Faith' episode, Sharon is feeling insecure about her resumed relationship with Alden again. Obstacles are thrown their way as they near the end of 9th grade, and get ready to become sophomores.

Includes Sharon getting her braces off and more! Welcome Back by HoneyGoddess57 reviews Twenty years has passes since Adam's disappearance; Sharon was send at the hospital due of her sickness; then there's Adam who suddenly came back from California to Elkford; this has brought surely happiness to his family. Marlo ex gf of Alden's and Tess the female interest show up at prom and cause problems for Sharon and Alden's relationship.

Friendships are fading, love is getting more difficult. Will her last year in high school Sharon realize what she really wants and loves in life. Sharon's First Anime Con by AnimeJanice reviews Sharon's trip with her family turn out to be more exciting that she excepted!

She attended her first Anime Convention and was learning more and more about anime and manga. See what happens while attending her first Anime Convention! Decisions by Rainy Haze reviews Sharon and Alden are now 17 and officially back together again. Only this time, their relationship has gone really far and its about to affect their future. Upside Down by Alysson reviews Sharon's confuse.

She thinks a friend likes her more than just a friend. Just follow reading to know if it's true.


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